New FIFA 12 Info Released

by admin on July 25, 2011

Some brand new FIFA 12 info has been released by The Guardian. here are the most impressive things.

- Complete overhaul, three major changes, player impact system, a re-designed tactical defence system and precision dribbling.

- The Guardian explain in one game they played Barton sent Bale spinning – literally spinning across the turf like a crash test dummy. Muscular forwards like Balotelli use their strength to barge through defenders.

- The physics pose a real risk to players. You get brilliant goalmouth scrambles with players piling in and the ball ricochets realistically between multiple players.

- You will see off the ball collisions a bit more often.

- The game flow feels much more varied.

- “The result is a game which is more analogue in terms of pace; you’re not just sprinting everywhere. you’re playing around with speed, you’re slowing, then accelerating, you’re Lionel Messi… when you approach a defender with no buttons pressed it’ll drop you into precision control automatically. The system wants you to play well.

- Career mode has much more depth:

- Unfit players are more injury prone and if played un-fit it will worsen your relationship with the player .

- Player psychology and media intervention play a big part

- The media pick up on injuries, player resentment and run stories.

- Players can become unhappy if they think they are not being paid enough, because the team is not successful enough or if they aren’t getting played enough. If they become unhappy their form dips, if you don’t do anything about it they will talk to the press.

- Transfer AI is more cunning. Transfer targets will chance huge wage demands.

- Extended transfer deadline day feature which provides tons of last-minute business, a news feed of the latest deals and a ticking countdown clock.

- Your Chief Executive will provide hints on who to buy.

- A challenge section provides scenario’s based on real world events. The example given is if Drogba scores a first half hat-trick against Sunderland you can take on the challenge of playing as Sunderland and try and stem the onslaught.

- Players align themselves with a favourite club which then gets a share of all their XP wins. This is then averaged out to create a score and a league table which reflects the weekly fortunes of all the real world sides.

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Cant wait! July 25, 2011 at 9:12 pm

Cant wait for the game, seriously cant wait!!!!
Hopefully it will deliver and be epic!


ffs July 25, 2011 at 11:41 pm

I should sue you for false advertising. None of this is new, none of it at all


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